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Anacostia’s Arts Scene Is Growing. Who Should It Be For?

How to Build an Arts District
If You Build It, Who Will Come?
Stage of Development
What to Expect at LUMEN8 2013
Anacostia's Arts Scene Is Growing

The art of Amber Robles-Gordon is the art of Anacostia, quite literally.
Robles-Gordon cobbles together sculptures and canvas collages from scraps of paper and fabric she finds in the neighborhood’s trash cans and storefront [...]

Arts Roundup: Bloombergiana Edition

Local art-blues outfit Laughing Man drops some hints about its upcoming sophomore full-length, Be Black Baby. [ReadysetDC]
Renwick Gallery inching toward a $20 million renovation. [City Biz]
Meet Bruce McNeil, photographic chronicler of the Anacostia River. [Post]
Bloomberg balloon gets contagious. [Ripe]
Local metal dudes Ilsa ink with A389 Records [Brooklyn Vegan]
Home news: Arts Desk contributor Tessa Moran made this artful [...]