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Arts Roundup: New Mural! Edition

Gaia's mural on Barracks Row is complete. [East City Art]
Broadcaster Bob Wolff donates historic sports interviews to Library of Congress. [WTOP]
Brother Ah maintains WPFW's jazz pedigree even while the radio station's fate remains uncertain. [Post]
The story of a Prince George's County-raised African American woman who found special meaning in the Holocaust Museum. [Post]
What the Grant [...]

Nasar Abadey: Travels in Multi-D

It’s a rare jazz musician whose work earns its own name—and rarer still in an enthusiastic but small scene like D.C.’s. Yet Nasar Abadey—the District’s dominant jazz drummer, who performs this weekend at Bohemian Caverns with his Supernova ensemble—calls his music "Multi-D." It locates its roots in the "spiritual jazz" movement that John Coltrane and [...]

I Missed George Clinton

Andrew over on City Desk posted a smart critique of the Lincoln Memorial concert. The show's lineup, he wrote, was way too boomercentric. Of course, he's right. Garth Brooks singing "American Pie" had nothing to do with the future of the American economy, Obama, netroots, etc. It was just Hollywood's outdated response to the failing [...]