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Reel and Spectacular: The Best Films of 2015

Tricia Olszewski and Noah Gittell's favorite films of the year

Robin Ha Explains Korean Food in Cartoons

Mouth-watering recipes and dynamic cartoons from an emerging Korean-American artist

Fireworks and Halloween Lights: A Conversation With Fang Island

Brooklyn-by-way-of-Providence band Fang Island's self-titled debut seemed to come out of left field earlier this year. At the very least, the aesthetic of the indie sites championing it didn't prepare listeners for what the record actually sounds like.
The 10 songs on Fang Island evoke power pop at its finest, with soaring guitar solos and sincere, wordless chants [...]

Reviewed: Extra Life’s Made Flesh

Extra Life's sophomore album, Made Flesh (LOAF), kicks off with a palpable burst of noise. It's as if the band is declaring, "Even if you weren't paying attention before, we'll make you listen now."
It's easy to see why many have overlooked the experimental quintet, which will release a remix EP on D.C.'s Sockets Records in [...]

Tonight in Music: Alberta Cross at the Black Cat

Feeling angsty about city life? Alberta Cross feels you. The British rockers despised living in Brooklyn so much they wrote an album about it how much it sucked, ditching the acoustic gang-sings of their debut EP for wailing, wallowing grunge. But if the gratuitous use of exclamation points on the band’s Twitter feed is any [...]

Wale: Please Stay Away From Jay-Z

We at Arts Desk have mentioned before that the DMV's own Wale is maybe probably kind of dating Beyonce's little sister Solange. Now, the gossip site, (say what you want about 'em, but they very often get these things right) is reporting that Solange and Wale are house-hunting in Brooklyn. Or at least that [...]

Fly Girlz CD Release Party

Admit it, the coolest thing your high school band ever did was tape a cover of "Creep" using your dad's webcam. Doesn't seem that cool now, does it? Certainly not as cool Fly Girlz, a group of teenage MCs who recently made an album with Nathan Corbin (aka Zebrablood) of synth-noise band Excepter.
Tonight DC-based [...]

What If We Threw A Listening Party And Everybody Got Pissed? (Sufjan Fans Find a Scapegoat)

It has been more than two and a half years since Sufjan Stevens released a studio album, nearly three years since he released an album of non-Christmas songs, and almost four years since he released an album that wasn't just a compilation (albeit a compelling one) of outtakes from his previous album. The man who [...]