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Arts Roundup: Punching Dudes Edition

Myopic Twits Redux: As we have already mentioned here on Arts Desk, hullabaloo broke out on Twitter following a somewhat misguided Washington Post editorial decision on Tuesday. Former Washington City Paper reporter Jason Cherkis assailed Dan Zak's poetic Style section piece about the Guardian Angels, at one point tweeting, "Where's Henry Allen? Y'all could have [...]

Sensitive Badass: Quix*o*tic’s Brendan Majewski, 1973-2011

Artist and musician Brendan Majewski wasn’t the first bassist offered a spot in Quix*o*tic, the defunct, doo-wop-inspired art-punk band from D.C., and he wasn’t the last to play in it before it broke up in 2002. But from 1998 to 2001, the bulk of the band’s existence, he helped Quix*o*tic build a sizable following in [...]

Music in Review: Greatest Pits

Arts Desk contributor Brandon Wu photographs a lot of shows, but for our Music in Review issue, he did a 180 and pointed his camera at the crowds. His photo essay includes fans of Metallica, Lady Gaga (above), Britney Spears, Mates of State, Mudvayne, Yo La Tengo, and more. Check it out here.

Now on View: Scot Lefavor at the Fridge

Not to get all “Leave Britney alone!” on you, but Scot Lefavor’s 2008 painting Modern Day Role Models for Your Teenage Daughters picks an easy, albeit irresistible target. You’ll find America’s most damaged living celebrity parodied at some of her worst moments, from the crotch-flashing to the head-shaving. Britney, who is depicted in the work as [...]

Check Out the Deciblog Scream-Off

According to one Nick Green, "Screamo bands covering Top 40 songs [is a] full blown epidemic." He's right: Lil Wayne. The Fray. The Postal Service. The Knack, for Christ's sake (personally, I love that last one–it's good background music for shot-gunning 16-ounce Natty Lights). In an ongoing special over at Decibel's Deciblog, contributors put 16 [...]

Photos: Britney Spears @ the Verizon Center

Yeah, that's right. Had enough of SXSW coverage and all that damn hipster music? Armed with photo pass and camera and ready and willing to destroy any last vestige of my music-snob credibility, I joined thousands of fans, parents and curious observers for the biggest concert in town last night, Britney Spears and the Pussycat [...]