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Arts Roundup: Missed Middle Fingers and Other Wasted Opportunities Edition

The holiday season is nearly upon us. In this time of love, family, and being touched by a stranger at the airport because you refused to embrace modern technology, it's important to remember: Every day is Festivus in the Roundup! Here comes another airing of grievances, you molested Luddites!
As if the Fare Assessment she received last [...]

Arts Roundup: Dancing For Our Freedom Edition

Previously on Arts Desk: Bossman Jonathan L. Fischer introduced his new "Fare Assessment" feature, in which he analyzes The Washington Post Style Section's assignments that send its critics out of town and rates them on a scale from hitchhiking to Acela. First up was Anne Midgette's trip to Carnegie Hall for a performance by the [...]

Arts Roundup: Kenny Gilbert Edition

Morning, all. I'm feeling a little tired and in need of some inspiration today, so let's change things up a bit–let's discuss Top Chef first.
Our cheftestants began the show cooking crabs in the quickfire for guest judge Patrick O'Connell, chef/owner of the Inn at Little Washington. O'Connell was among the show's nicest guest judges, offering [...]

Arts Roundup: Angelo Sosa Edition

Morning, all. Who's Angelo Sosa, you ask? The answer's in the last graph.
My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer is totally into DIY, but I don't think that he and the Washington Post's "The Classical Beat" columnist Anne Midgette are on the same page when it comes to the term's application. Little matter; I think they'd both agree [...]