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Arts Roundup: Thomas Mallon Edition

D.C. writer and George Washington University professor Thomas Mallon (Watergate) is a finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. [Post]
The dancer who confessed to orchestrating an acid attack on the Bolshoi Ballet's director has performed in D.C. before. [Post]
Brightest Young Things announces a big local music showcase at The Hamilton in April. [Brightest Young Things]
Monica Hesse [...]

Arts Roundup: Lip-Synched Edition

The U.S. Marine Band says Beyoncé lip-synched the National Anthem at Monday's inauguration, and the backpedaling begins! [WJLA]
In a blog post that declares poetry dead, Post humor blogger Alexandra Petri manages to enrage poets and mailmen alike: "Poets are like the Postal Service—a group of people sedulously doing something that we no longer need, under [...]

Arts Roundup: Bumping Into the Walls Edition

Brightest Young Things' plans for New York City: "The expansion to New York is scary. It’s a lot harder to get noticed. But we’re bumping into the walls of how far we can go in D.C. It’s a tiny place, so we need to try." [New York Times]
How the Pussy Riot punk-solidarity protests outside the [...]

Arts Roundup: RIP Marvin Hamlisch Edition

Marvin Hamlisch, principal conductor of the NSO Pops orchestra between 2000 and 2011, has died at age 68. [WUSA 9]
Remembering Hamlisch, who could "get a little cocky," but with good reason [Post]
Sikh Temple shooter Wade Michael Page was in a band that released music on a racist Maryland label called Label 56. [Post]
BK Adams, the local [...]

I.M.P. Productions Asked BYT to Change Its Morrissey Contest Language

Yesterday, BYT replaced its mock-suicide-note-for-Morrissey-tickets contest with a Mad-Libs-for-Morrissey-tickets contest. The change was made after I.M.P. Productions, which is presenting the concert, asked BYT to pull the contest.
I.M.P. spokesperson Audrey Schaefer writes in an email, "The first time we saw the contest was when it was posted. We asked them to pull it and [...]

BYT Replaces Suicide-Note Ticket Giveaway With a Login Screen

BYT, it of the suicide-note competition, realized that not everyone finds killing oneself "cute" and backpedaled on its free-ticket prompt. Instead of asking readers to comment with a mock suicide note to win tickets to Morrissey's Dec. 7 show at Strathmore, the site changed its prompt.
I asked managing editor Logan Donaldson why BYT changed the [...]

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore: BYT Asks Morrissey Fans to Write Suicide Notes

Yeah, sure, one of the greatest songs ever—"There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"—is by Morrissey, and is about dying. And Moz is performing at Strathmore on Dec. 7. I'm not sure what the correct convergence of these facts is, but I'm absolutely certain it is not to host a giveaway declaring that the [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Experimental Media,” Whatever That Means

One of the quietest D.C. art programs is also one of its best. The Washington Project for the Arts’ ongoing Experimental Media series, begun in 2006, brings together artists, curators, and new-media nerds for an event that is part exhibition, part movie night. “Experimental media” is sort of a catch-all term for works of art [...]

Brightest Young Things Plans New York Expansion

If you can plot the history of Brightest Young Things by its parties, then last night's rather intimate soiree at the Gibson Guitar Showcase was a bit of an undersell: The website's leader, Svetlana Legetic, is stepping away from BYT's daily editorial operations, and here she was introducing her successors, Managing Editor Logan Donaldson and Assistant Editor [...]

Arts Roundup: Boozy Christians Edition

Brightest Young Things unleashes its hard-to-read Spring Arts Guide. [BYT]
Populism in "The Art of Video Games"? No, thanks. [NPR]
The alcohol-drenched secrets of the National Cathedral's newly reopened central tower. [DCist]
Wayne Brady talks his upcoming performance with NSO Pops. Spoiler: He does not choke a bitch. [Washingtonian]