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Reviewed: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Boy, chimps sure are pissed at humans. At least that's the case in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a prequel to the Planet of the Apes series that portrays how those simians got so smart in the first place. Though the blowout is fierce, its origins are quite pedestrian, really: It was just [...]

Arts Roundup: Sucks as Hard as a Spider Can Edition

This is the first Wednesday in nearly a month that I've done the Arts Roundup without the city waking up to snow or freezing rain. Though it is bitterly cold. No matter; let's do the arty news!
SmCity does much more than drop rhymes, Sarah Godfrey writes. As an independent MC, he has had to "handle [...]

Arts Roundup: Lessons From Red Bull Edition

Hey party people. A few choice links:
Oddisee says you should attend Red Bull's music school.
Jeff Alexander, a former executive director of the Small Press Expo comics convention, died recently. There's a memorial service for him this Saturday in Fredericksberg, Md., notes Mike Rhode on his blog.
I got the new Bright Eyes album in the mail [...]

Laura Burhenn Joins Bright Eyes

From the Indie Rock Diaspora Department: Laura Burhenn, the former Georgie James musician and current Mynabirds leader, is now a member of marquee indie-folkers Bright Eyes. She recorded vocals on Bright Eyes' forthcoming seventh album, The People's Key, and she'll be playing keys and such with the band throughout its 2011 tour, according to Mynabirds' [...]