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Step Afrika Goes Cold and Classical

Step Afrika is one of the Washington region’s most original dance companies. Specializing in the African-American tradition of step dancing—that is, creating multiple rhythms through stomping feet and clapping hands—the company performs smooth, well-rehearsed creations all over the country.
But familiarity breeds forgetfulness, and it’s easy to lose sight of just how unique the company is. [...]

The Sleigher: Deer Tick’s “Christmas All Summer Long”

HO HO WHO: Rhode Island janglemeisters Deer Tick, who were the inaugural subjects of NBC anchor Brian Williams' BriTunes feature. It must be said, for the record, that The Sleigher has a much cooler name and is far more prolific than BriTunes. Deer Tick, meanwhile, released its third full-length, The Black Dirt Sessions, over the [...]

BriTunes: Why Brian Williams’s Music Experiment Won’t Work

In the last half of the 20th Century, the national television news anchor played a deific role in American life: benevolent, yet possessing of an aloof omniscience that suggested divinity (and, by implication, infallibility). Behind the heroically concerned brow and dispassionate baritone there seemed to lie a great wisdom: unrevealed, and therefore perfect–the archetype being [...]