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Gee, That Toolbox Sign in Dupont Looks Familiar

Between 1998 and 2004, a somewhat decrepit building in a Dupont alley housed a bustling creative space: the headquarters of Brian Liu's design studio, Toolbox DC. It was a humble spot, to be sure, but also something of an artistic epicenter during an era when artists could still find cheap space near Dupont Circle.
"There's a [...]

Eclectic Wizard: Tropicalia’s Jim Thomson Might Be D.C.’s Most Interesting Booker

By a certain hour most Fridays and Saturdays, U Street NW can begin to feel a little tense: earpiece-wearing bouncers loom in club doorways, turning people away; women in stilettos totter over bulges in the narrow sidewalk; little spats break out over who hailed a cab or claimed a parking spot first.
Descend an unmarked staircase [...]