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Photos: D.C. Goes to Chicago Riot Fest 2013

By the time ex-D.C. band The Dismemberment Plan hit the Roots Stage at Chicago's 2013 Riot Fest last weekend, the scene was more "Mud of Chicago" than "Ice of Boston" thanks to the full-on downpour in progress. But that didn't seem to dampen the crowd's spirits. (Overheard in the audience before D-Plan began: "I know I [...]

Photos: Bad Religion @ 9:30 Club

Friday night at the 9:30 Club, Bad Religion commanded the stage much like it does its songs: with guns blazing. But the mood onstage was light. "How many of you are in town for the Cherry Blossom Festival?" said lead singer Greg Graffin. Motioning to lead guitarist Brian Baker, Graffin said, "Let's ask the native." Baker [...]

Sweating to the (Punk Rock) Oldies at Ian MacKaye’s 50th Birthday

So, what'd you miss at local punk godfather Ian MacKaye's super secret 50th birthday party at St. Stephen's? WTOP's Neal Augenstein has an anonymously sourced report (and some pictures to boot):
The party was thrown Saturday night by Amy Farina—MacKaye's wife and bandmate in The Evens, and Jeff Nelson—MacKaye's former bandmate in Minor Threat and co-owner of [...]

White Trash Renegades: The Supervillains, Authority Zero, Pennywise, and Pepper at the 9:30 Club

Skate rock (Think Sublime's genetic material crossed with that of Minor Threat) is a lot like milt. Some people get a mouthful of the creamy white stuff and think, "So this is fish sperm. Not bad!" Other people take a bite, move it around with their tongues, and then say to themselves, "Oh god, I [...]