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Obits, Krallice Rock Out for Brendan Majewski in NYC Tonight

In honor of the late Brendan Majewski (Orphan, Quix*o*tic), who passed away recently, some folks in New York are putting together a benefit show to help the family pay for funeral-related expenses. If you happen to be in Brooklyn tonight, be sure and check out Krallice, Obits, Mira Billotte (White Magic & Quix*o*tic), and Dope [...]

Sensitive Badass: Quix*o*tic’s Brendan Majewski, 1973-2011

Artist and musician Brendan Majewski wasn’t the first bassist offered a spot in Quix*o*tic, the defunct, doo-wop-inspired art-punk band from D.C., and he wasn’t the last to play in it before it broke up in 2002. But from 1998 to 2001, the bulk of the band’s existence, he helped Quix*o*tic build a sizable following in [...]