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One Track Mind: Aphids’ Dogswim EP

Standout Track: No. 1, “Two,” a brainy emo-pop anthem from the College Park band’s new Dogswim EP. With its skittering guitar lines and pummeling, freight-train drums, “Two” could easily be a long-lost Joan of Arc outtake. “In that fugue state/ Not quite awake,” sings guitarist Trevor Nierendorf, 22, lost in his own thoughts and unsure [...]

Calvin and Hobbes Reimagined as Meth Dealers in Breaking Calvin

They're out there: Breaking Bad fans staggering through life, eyes crusted over and searching, bereft of any answers until 2013, when the final chapter of Walter White's saga airs.
To those fans, worry not: There's a temporary salve.
Capitol Hill resident Clayton Hanson's "Breaking Calvin" blog peddles a mashup of the beloved Bill Watterson cartoon and the [...]