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Arts Roundup: Required Uniform Edition

Morning, all! If anyone can determine below in comments the reference I'm making in the hed, which also ties in with one of the items in my post, you'll win a fabulous prize my admiration.
Every month, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Vanity Fair in my mailbox, because Vanity Fair is awesome. And it's already [...]

Deerhunter at 9:30 Club, Discussed

Yes, we've already chewed on Deerhunter a lot this week. Let the chewing continue!
Ryan Little: As a relative newcomer to Deerhunter's spacey tuneage, I have to say Halcyon Digest is a welcome push toward more accessible songwriting. Cryptograms lost me in the ether for a bit, and this album feels more anchored. I'm interested to [...]

Deerhunter @ 9:30: Not Too Cool, Not Uncool

There's something improbable about Deerhunter, especially now that they're playing clubs as big as the 9:30. They don't look like much; or maybe it's that they look like they could've been a lot of other things, including not a rock band at all.* But last night they sounded utterly satisfying. Two things:
1. I'm not sure [...]