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Reviewed: The Counselor

You can’t just plaster Cameron Diaz with makeup and turn her into Tommy Lee Jones. Rather, let’s take a step back: You can’t take a celebrated novelist and turn him into a remarkable—nor, apparently, even mediocre—screenwriter. The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott, is Cormac McCarthy’s first big-screen script. And No Country for Old Men it's not. [...]

12 Years a Slave, Reviewed

Shortly after it screened at this year’s Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals, 12 Years a Slave became the anointed one, the film lauded as so jaw-droppingly powerful it already seemed like a foregone conclusion as 2013’s best picture. But could it really be that moving, that immediately recognizable as Oscar-worthy?
The answer is yes, with the [...]

Arts Roundup: Brad Pitt Edition

D.C., Slavery Capital: Brad Pitt will produce an adaptation of Twelve Years a Slave, the memoir of Solomon Northrup, a free black man who was captured in D.C. and sold into slavery in 1841. The memoirs, while fascinating all around, also offer perspective on D.C.'s history as a hub of the slave trade: Before he's shipped [...]