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Jazz Setlist, August 16-22: August Doldrums

The doldrums are upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Congress and the Supreme Court are in recess, and the many, many people who make a living off those institutions in some form or another have little reason to hang out. Jazz has a slowdown, too—but not a death. It's a great time to check out some [...]

The DC Jazz Festival’s Shorter, Stronger Calendar

Here we are again in the first week of June, when D.C. jazz brings out everything but the kitchen sink. Yup—it's festival time.
This year brings a lot of changes to the DC Jazz Festival. Its previous two-week duration has been trimmed down to 10 days (June 1-10). After regaining its signature "Jazz on the National [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 2-8: Junebug Memorial Edition

It hardly needs saying that Washington's jazz community is still mourning the loss last weekend of Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson. The much-loved drummer, singer, raconteur, and goofball is being mourned and celebrated all over town, but in particular at the HR-57 jam sessions he so often led. Last night's and tonight's jams are both being dedicated to [...]

Jazz at the Atlas’ Spring Season Starts Tonight

It's easy to proclaim the inaugural season of jazz concerts at Atlas Performing Arts Center, which closed in December, a rousing creative success. Its commercial success seemed to be a little more mixed, but not unexpectedly so; Jazz at the Atlas is a new program in a still-developing area of the city, and by nature [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 1-7: Friday Night Double Feature

This, folks, is one of those rare weeks where I'm recommending two shows on the same night. Make it out to both.
Friday, December 2
The Grammy nominations were announced last night, and one of the few standouts on a terrifically vanilla list of jazz nominees (which mostly consists of a handful of old-guard darlings nominated several [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 29-Oct. 5: Vibes on Both Sides

Friday, Sep. 30
With certain musical innovations, we can look back and can see it was just a matter of time before someone thought of that; others are so outside-the-box that they still startle us and make us say, "Wow. Where the hell did that come from?" Gary Burton's decision to beef up his vibraphone playing [...]

Jazz Series Comes to the Atlas in September

While the Atlas Performing Arts Center is an anchor of the entertainment corridor along H Street NE, its artistic mission "to foster the artistic growth of professional and aspiring performing artists throughout the region" has only sporadically included jazz. That's about to change.
In September begins the new "Jazz at the Atlas" program, a twice-monthly concert [...]

Brad Linde. Brad Linde. Brad Linde. Brad Linde. (Also, Other People.)

Ever since penning a review of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra on the occasion of its first anniversary, this writer has been repeatedly remonstrated for a grievous error: The review mentioned every member of the BCJO (including those that weren't at the anniversary gig and even a few ex-members) except for Brad Linde, its co-director, [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 10-16: The Redds Are Coming

Friday, Feb. 11
Freddie Redd is one of the great secret weapons of hard bop piano, a man who spent the 1950s playing on records—his own and others'—that were bona fide jukebox hits. Butch Warren is a living legend, the former house bassist for Blue Note Records whose name is stamped on undeniable classics of the [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 9-15: Benny Golson! And Other Things

Thursday, Dec. 9
It stands to reason that the son of John Clayton (of the legendary Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra) would be one of the slickest, most accomplished musicians on the scene. But pianist Gerald Clayton is a lot more than that. The 26-year-old has all the requisite training and finesse in classical and jazz, but tops [...]