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Do the Fight Thing: More on Studio’s Sucker Punch

So I finally got to see Sucker Punch, Studio Theatre’s well-reviewed U.S. premiere of Roy Williams’s race-and-boxing-in-Thatcher’s England play, last weekend. Despite having written a whole feature about the production’s extensive fight choreography, I still found plenty to surprise me in the way the fights were staged.
I won’t review the show; I attended a [...]

Ring of Truth: In Studio Theatre’s Sucker Punch, the Sweet Science Is an Art

One of Hollywood’s most resilient little lies is that the collision of fist on flesh makes a loud noise. When John Wayne was doing the slugging, it was like a door slam. But when you train as a boxer, punches are loud only because you’re hitting a leather bag or leather mitts with leather gloves—a drum [...]

Boxing on D.C. Stages: A Critical and Pugilistic Inquiry

I saw this play from the '30s, Clifford Odets’ Golden Boy, a few months back. Odets, an outspoken socialist, is remembered for his political parables, but here he turned inward to work through his heartburn about selling out to Hollywood. He embodied his ambivalence in the character of a young man gifted both in fiddling and [...]

Tough Talk with Boxing Gym director Frederick Wiseman

Documentarian Frederick Wiseman has made a film almost every year since 1967, when his Titicut Follies gave viewers a harrowing look inside an institution for the criminally insane. His latest film, which opened at the new West End Cinema on Friday, is look inside Lord's Gym, the Austin, TX training facility founded by retired boxer Richard Lord. I reached him by phone on Friday afternoon shortly after his arrival in Washington to promote the picture.