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ToDo ToDay: Temple Grandin! Boris!

Chances are, few Americans regularly consider the treatment of animals on their way to slaughter. But if we all watched the 2010 HBO biopic Temple Grandin, that might change. Grandin radically altered how livestock is treated nationwide based on her extensive research in animal neurology, but when she speaks at Sixth & I tonight, she won’t [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Old Is New

Not everyone gets to play with their heroes. The guitarist Glenn Jones fulfilled that dream back in 1997, when his post-rock band Cul de Sac made a collaborative record with the father of American Primitive music, John Fahey. The D.C.-born Fahey died in 2001, and 10 years later Jones is paying him back for inventing [...]

Arts Roundup: U Fenty, Huh? Edition

Good morning, D.C. Were you too busy watching the furious storm of launch from the long-awaited TBD to pay attention to local arts news yesterday? I was a little distracted myself, but don't worry—I've still got you covered.
Speaking of TBD, they've got their own arts roundup thing going on over in Rosslyn. It's written by former [...]