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Listen: Bop Alloy, Another Day in the Life Of…

You don't "turn up" so much as you get older. You're still lively, but going out, buying overpriced drinks, and listening to the same ol' "oontz oontz" just isn't that fun.
Or maybe you still love hip-hop, but you've got kids now, so you can't blast Ol' Dirty Bastard en route to Little League soccer. You need [...]

Listen: Substantial, Art Is Where the Home Is

Released in 2012, Substantial's Home is Where the Art Is tackled adult issues—spending time with the wife, life's yins and yangs, changing dirty diapers, that sorta thing. It was a mature turn for the Prince George's County native, whose rhymes were more combative on his previous solo album.
Out today, Art Is Where the Home Is reworks the 2012 [...]

Listen: Bop Alloy, “Count On Us”

It's been two years since we've heard from Bop Alloy, the nocturnal side project of rapper Substantial and Seattle producer Marcus D. The group's 2010 debut put a modern spin on jazz-infused hip-hop, and its 2012 remix album offered an alternative to overly ignorant rap.
The group's new album, Another Day in the Life Of..., explores the struggles and triumphs [...]

DMV Beats: McNugget Raps, Cocaine Ready, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Barz, and Marcus D.

The McNugget as a Trope
Last week we gave a shout out to Chi Chi Monet, the 9-year-old girl who, while rapping about childhood obesity, made a reference to giving up Big Macs because of their caloric content. I questioned whether any 9-year-old would actually choose a Big Mac over McNuggets; one of my City Paper [...]

Listen: Bop Alloy’s “Save the Day” Makes Vogue Playlist

To commemorate the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, Vogue magazine compiled a 14-song "Save the Day" playlist to honor the caped crusader and other movie superheroes.
On a playlist that includes R.E.M.'s "Superman," Foo Fighters' "My Hero," and Rolling Stones' "Poison Ivy," there's a jarring stand-out: "Save the Day" by Bop Alloy, the jazzy hip-hop duo of [...]

Bop Alloy’s Quiet Storm Soundtrack

In September 2010, Prince George's County native Substantial and Seattle producer Marcus D. released their Bop Alloy project, a greasy hip-hop album more suited for adult contemporary radio than urban airwaves. Sure, piano chords, string arrangements, and horn solos aren't foreign to rap, but the abundance of such instruments made songs like "Chillaxation" and "Still [...]

Substantial Pays Tribute to His Mentor, Japan’s Nujabes

If it weren't for Nujabes, a Japanese producer whose experimental grooves made him a notable name in his country, the world probably wouldn't know about Substantial.
That's why the Landover/Baltimore hybrid is helping organize next week's "Peaceland: A World Without Words" event at the National Harbor, which will honor the legacy of the fallen producer, who [...]