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ToDo ToDay: K-Pop Camp, Screen on the Green Ends

A five-day immersion camp in Korean culture sounds like something devised by the country north of the 38th parallel. But Hallyu Camp 2012 is a decidedly South Korean affair. Participants will learn about traditional Korean customs and social values, but the real hook is exploring how pop culture has exploded there since the end of [...]

Folger Library: Stolen Shakespeare Bad, Bootlegged Shakespeare Totally Cool

The man who attempted to sell a rare—and stolen—Shakespeare First Folio to the Folger Shakespeare Library has been handed an eight-year jail sentence by a British court, The Guardian reports. Although he was not found guilty last month of actually stealing the 1623 volume from Durham University, the Newcastle crown court jury did find him [...]

Some Modest Advice for Taffety Punk Theatre Company Re: Its “Bootleg Shakespeare” Stagings

Last night, Taffety Punk Theatre Company performed William Shakespeare and John Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen. The 36 actors on stage—37 if you count the paper bag that played the part of Emilia's Second Woman—began learning their lines about a month ago, but didn't rehearse together until yesterday morning. It was one of Taffety's "Bootleg [...]

“If You Want to Feel What a Theater Rock Show Is, This Is It”: Taffety Punk’s Bootleg Shakespeare

Othello doing karaoke. Troubadours singing “Dust in the Wind” as a eulogy. Hamlet descending in a hot air balloon. If this doesn’t sound like your usual Shakespeare, then, well, it wasn't meant to be. Taffety Punk is what happens when a classically trained theater company meets punk rock, and its "Bootleg Shakespeare" productions fall [...]