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Brian Dailey on the Palette of American Politics

The book America in Color by Washington-based artist Brian Dailey will be released at ARTBOOK stores at Art Basel Miami in December. The volume features photographs of ordinary Americans Dailey met during extensive travels across the United States, each posed in front of a color that encapsulates their political orientation: red for Republican, blue for [...]

In the Details: The Many Lives of Crime Novelist David Swinson

David Swinson wasn’t supposed to be a cop. Not for 15 years, anyway.
When Swinson joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 1994, it wasn’t for the paycheck, and it wasn’t out of civic duty. It was supposed to be more of a boho diversion, the latest stop in an eccentric life. He wanted to be a writer.
“At [...]

Meet a Visiting Comics Movie Producer: A Chat With Michael Uslan

Michael Uslan has to be one of the world's most powerful comics fans. He attended the very first comic book convention in the 1960s, taught what was probably the first academic course for credit on comics, and was a producer of all the modern Batman movies. Now, he’s penned The Boy Who Loved Batman, about his [...]

Long-Delayed Book of R.L. Dickinson Drawings to Be Published Next Month

After gestating for nearly a decade, A Washington Sketchbook: Drawings by R. L. Dickinson, 1917-18, has finally lined up the funding needed for publication.
Last time we checked in with author Gail Spilsbury, her book had a publisher—Chesapeake Book Co.—but still needed to complete additional fundraising to become reality. Now funding is lined up, and the [...]

Meet Author Danielle Evans, Appearing Tonight at Barnes & Noble Bethesda

In her debut book Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, Danielle Evans explores themes like youth, family, relationships, and—most prominently—race in her collection of eight short stories. The Northern Virginia native returned to the area last year after being away for the better part of ten years—first in New York City for college, [...]

Anti-War Cartoon Friday

Casual Friday? You're in Washington—you can do better than that. How about Anti-War Cartoon Friday? Once upon a time, Americans used to protest wars they didn't believe in and cartoonists helped fight the anti-"good fight" fight. My, how the world has changed. Tonight, editor Craig Yoe will be showing a selection of cartoons from The Great [...]