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An Early Nomination for D.C.’s Song of the Summer: Shy Glizzy’s “My City”

Over the next few months, we will wring our hands endlessly over what deserves the title of 2013's Song of the Summer. Could it be by Daft Punk, or Snoop Lion, or Rihanna, or uh...oh forget it. As Esquire eloquently put it last year, "The whole notion of a 'Song of the Summer' is a [...]

Street Sweepers Vol. 1: Arts Desk’s Favorite DMV Tracks of 2012 (So Far)

Keeping tabs on D.C. hip-hop is miserable. You have exciting prospects and well-oiled brands making moves, and then there’s everything else: Twitter thugs, DatPiff trolls, YouTube street fighters. There’s a wealth of kids with enough digital means to routinely indict each other on camera in beef-driven clips (let's grow up and all get this money, [...]

The DMV’s “We Are the World” Moment?

You don't see the word "unity" being kicked around among DMV rappers these days—not like a few years ago, anyway, when some of the scene's most notable names gathered in front of the Lincoln Theatre for a photo shoot. Local producer Jamil Young is trying to turn things around. Released Friday, his "United We Stand" is a [...]

J-Scrilla Launches Concert Series, Releases New Tape

As DJ J-Scrilla sees it, the DMV doesn't have a dedicated concert series for local rappers. Sure, there's a handful of open mics where MCs can rock a song or two—and last year, SmCity's Indie Life Concert Series allowed local rappers to share the stage with national talent—but there's no regular platform for them to perform [...]

Screenshots Without Comment: Boobe’s “Don’t Text Me” Video