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Does Shear Madness Really Hook People on Live Theater?

For last week's issue of Washington City Paper, I reported an oral history of the Kennedy Center's long-running production of Shear Madness. One of the topics that emerged in several interviews I conducted was the play's suggested ability to create new theatergoers from its attendees, many of whom, as students on school field trips, are seeing a professional theater [...]

EXTRA! Bob Mondello Tells a Hilarious Oklahoma! Joke—Because You, Our Beloved Readership, Demanded It

STOP READING NOW if you have not seen, or at least heard the soundtrack to, the beloved 1943 Rodgers & Hammerstein classic Oklahoma!

Ladies and Germs, because you demanded it, the Champlain Street Resort & Casino is proud to present the comic stylings of Mr. Bob Mondello.
An astronaut goes to the moon looking for [...]

Michael Kyrioglou Leaving Woolly Mammoth Theatre

Nobody in D.C.'s theater scene promotes shows quite like  Michael Kyrioglou, the communications director at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and at the League of Washington Theatres. He's tenacious as hell, blunt, and always on the clock, or so it seems. Do right by his shows, and he's an absolute gentlemen. Publish "Woolly" as "Wooly"–as this [...]