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Your Bob Dylan Weekend: Scholars Greil Marcus and Sean Wilentz

If you've ever been curious about the America of Bob Dylan—the folk, country, blues, vaudeville, and rock music, the beat poetry, politics, religion, values, art, and Mr. Jones—there are all kinds of fascinating ways to learn about it starting this week.  Unique cultural academic, rock critic, and Dylan scholar Greil Marcus speaks at the Library [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Dirk Smiler, Bob Dylan, Door Polling

Dirk Smiler, Prominent Washington Goth, Is Dead
Dirk Smiler Owned the Gun that Killed Him
My Newest Facebook Friend: Recently Deceased Goth Dirk Smiler
Man Gave Names to All the Animals: Bob Dylan Children’s Books, Considered
Sins of Admission: Why It’s a Problem when a Club Asks, “Who Are You Here to See?”

Arts Roundup: I Am Already Too Multiplatform for Google Buzz Edition

Good morning! Yesterday, I blogged in pajamas. Today, sadly, I must wear pants.
Google Buzz! It debuted yesterday! Like Beaujon, I don't quite understand it! And while it's cool that Google's new horse in the microblogging race means I have a couple dozen more followers in Google Reader, I did not appreciate having to confirm them, like, [...]

Man Gave Names to All the Animals: Bob Dylan Children’s Books, Considered

Sterling Children's Books is pleased as punch to announce the release of Man Gave Names to All the Animals, a children's-book rendering of Bob Dylan's song of the same name. Jim Arnosky, the artist behind the book whose previous titles include Babies in the Bayou and All About Frogs, took his inspiration from the "land [...]

Arts Roundup: “Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas” Edition

*Bob Dylan paints his masterpiece? Theoretically. El Bard is set to debut some paintings based on his "Drawn Blank" series of sketches from the early '90s. TO WIT: "Man on Bridge" (right; acrylic, 2009).
*Related: The Guardian has a neat little slideshow of Dylan's Nov., 2007 exhibit at the Chemnitz Art Gallery in eastern Germany.
*Not quite [...]

Tonight: Langhorne Slim @ Rock ‘N’ Roll Hotel w/ Dawes

If folk music’s prime currency is authenticity, Langhorne Slim might well earn some crooked eyebrows. Classically trained at the SUNY-Purchase conservatory, Sean Scolnik donned loafers and floppy hat and named himself after his hometown in the tradition of all those rail-hoppin’ ramblers who used to do that. The blogosphere gobbled up this aesthetic and and [...]

Clip Job: Five Songs About Books

To judge by their tightly wound, country-tinged pop songs, Olivia Mancini and the Mates aren't shorting their craft. But even the most polished band needs its R&R, and this local act—featuring two former members of Washington Social Club—loves to curl up with a good book. That's the impression, at least, left by "Graphology," a rollicking gem [...]

Clip Job: Five Records Made in Cabins (Other than Bon Iver)

Thanks in part to Don DeLillo's 1973 novel Great Jones Street, it didn't take long for the rock-star-toiling-away-in-seclusion narrative to go from the stuff of critical legend to obvious fodder for parody. Nevermind that two years later saw the release and instant canonization of Bob Dylan and the Band's long-buried The Basement Tapes—the inspiration, in fact, for [...]

Your Local Faves, Playing Other People’s Songs

Because I wrote about Title Tracks' versions of songs by The Flamin' Groovies and The Merseybeats earlier this week, and because Bob Dylan's truly atrocious new disc of Christmas standards leaked yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about covers.
Let's put aside the illustrious history of ill-advised tributes (read: the entire Me First and the Gimme Gimmes oeuvre). A good cover can [...]

‘We’re All In This Together’: Route 29 Revue @ Merriweather

When Levon Helm and The Band hosted a five-hour send-off concert in 1976, it was a musical event of mythic proportions. The Band and its guests—among them Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell—were torchbearers of the American folk revival. And though it might be overly dramatic to say the movement “ended” with The Last [...]