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ToDo ToDay: “Visible Iceland,” Bob Dylan, and Susana Baca

Discover Iceland's isolation through photos.

Listen to Incwell’s Eclectic New Project, Mahjong Rockstars

A narrative that feels deeper than today's "turn up" rap, inspired by musicians whose faces were probably on your college dorm room's walls

WAMU Moves Mary Cliff’s Traditions Show to Low-Power Station Bluegrass Country

Looking for music on WAMU? Thanks to a recent shift at the D.C. NPR affiliate, that just got tougher. Last weekend, amid major changes to WAMU 88.5.'s weekend schedule, the American University-based station moved Mary Cliff's Saturday night Traditions program to the significantly tinier Bluegrass Country 105.5 FM.
Last weekend the 50,000-watt station began a transition to a new weekend schedule [...]

ToDo ToDay: Big Words! Mark Leibovich!

In Big Words, three estranged friends reunite to hash out their issues from decades ago. One conversation doesn’t seem like enough fodder for an entire movie, but these carefully crafted characters have lived enough to fill out a feature film with their experiences. Twenty-some years before, the three of them were on the verge of making [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Mystery Train

The twin exhibitions now on view at Flashpoint don’t limit themselves to appearing in the gallery; they become part of it, toying with the architectural features not just of the exhibition space, but also the facility’s accompanying cubicles, conference rooms, and bathroom areas. In"Trace," Nicole Herbert adds a series of supernumerary fixtures to the office [...]

Tonight: I’m Not There at AFI Silver Theatre

In the mid-aughts, it felt like every Tom, Dick, or Harriet who had ever picked up a guitar had a biopic bestowed upon them— Ray Charles (Ray), Joy Division's Ian Curtis (Control), and even California punk band The Germs (What We Do is Secret). That Bob Dylan’s story would make it to the big screen [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Feeding Your Paranoia

Too many X-Files episodes, that's what you should blame. All those conspiracy theories swirling around can't be good for your psyche. It probably started long before that—hippie revolutions, refusing to trust anyone over 30—but you've only gotten older and bought more locks for your door. You're terrified that everyone is out to get you; the [...]

Tradition Is Tradition: The IMT’s 30th Anniversary Season

The Institute of Musical Traditions turns 30 this year, but it isn't celebrating with many grand innovations. That wouldn't make sense. Tonight, and at concerts through the spring, you'll hear exactly what you'd expect: a hodgepodge of folk artists, performing a wide array of traditional styles from bluegrass to American Gypsy jazz.
With outposts in Rockville and [...]

Arts Roundup: Dancing For Our Freedom Edition

Previously on Arts Desk: Bossman Jonathan L. Fischer introduced his new "Fare Assessment" feature, in which he analyzes The Washington Post Style Section's assignments that send its critics out of town and rates them on a scale from hitchhiking to Acela. First up was Anne Midgette's trip to Carnegie Hall for a performance by the [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 13

We've said it before: Know your history. And if you don't wanna know your history, know this: Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here for you, regardless of your commitment. You can't say that about too many things, can you?

"One day in 2007, in Buenos Aires, nothing happened. It was ugly. "
Do Liberals Really Think [...]