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It’s About the Venues: Jazz Setlist, July 23-29

Aaron Myers celebrates his birthday at Mr. Henry's.

Remembering Paul Hawkins, Pioneering D.C. Percussionist, Bandleader, and Dancer

Paul Hawkins, a D.C.-born percussionist, bandleader, and dancer who was for decades a mainstay of Washington's Latin jazz scene, died on Feb. 9 of congestive heart failure in Myrtle Beach, S.C. He was 79.
A life-long D.C. resident, Hawkins was involved in the D.C. music scene from the 1950s—when he was winning dance contests at Turner’s [...]

“A New and Different Kind of Way”: A Conversation With Wayne Escoffery

Tenor saxophonist Wayne Escoffery is most visible as the second horn in the quintet led by Tom Harrell, an idiosyncratic but reliably straightahead postbopper. (On record, anyway.) But Escoffery follows his own muse when he's the one at the helm; in the last several years, that muse has led him in an increasingly dark, angular, [...]

Arts Roundup: Big Hot Mess Edition

Love's liquor license suspended for a whole lot of unpaid taxes. [Post]
Courtland Milloy: Howard University's YardFest is a shame. [Post]
Chris Brown's uncle doubts that his nephew would have hit that guy in front of the W Hotel. [WJLA]
Nevertheless, Brown checks into rehab after his D.C. arrest. [Post]
Blues Alley temporarily closes for repairs, cancelling some shows. [...]

Blues Alley Closes for Repairs, Cancels Some Shows

It's been a rough month for jazz clubs. Bohemian Caverns remains closed for repairs after a freak car accident penetrated its exterior wall. Then, beginning this week, shows listed on Blues Alley's website were suddenly canceled, with ticketholders offered refunds.
The culprit, says Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper, is repair work that the club had been [...]

Arts Roundup: Harry Schnipper Hearts Lincoln Theatre Edition

Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper makes it known—again—that he's eyeballing Lincoln Theatre. Oh, and his historic jazz venue could possibly, maybe, potentially relocate. [Washington Business Journal]
WETA's Around Town talks Corcoran's "Pump Me Up" exhibit. [WETA via YouTube]
Towson's Recher Theatre to close for a revamping. [WTOP]
Dischord unloads some old Black Eyes archival material on its Tumblr page. [...]

Openings: Ron K. Brown and Evidence, Iranian Film Festival

What's new this weekend in local arts
Brooklyn-based choreographer Ron K. Brown brings his company, Evidence, to perform to the music of Stevie Wonder. Wonder and Brown have collaborated before, and this modern troupe promises a unique interpretation of Wonder's works, including "You and I" and "Jesus Children of America." The company performs Feb. 1 at  8 [...]

Arts Commission Puts Lincoln Theatre Up for Lease

The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities has abandoned its search for a licensee for the Lincoln Theatre, opting instead to lease the historic venue to a qualified commercial or nonprofit entity. The Washington Business Journal reports that the arts commission's request for proposals didn't "generate quality responses."
That makes sense, because when I asked [...]

Violinist Mark O’Connor On Playing Whatever the Hell He Wants

Violinist, fiddler, guitarist and mandolin player Mark O’Connor is something of a musical polyglot, or maybe schizophrenic. As a composer, his music blends classical music with jazz, bluegrass, Appalachian folk, flamenco, and whatever else he’s feeling at the moment, and his collaborators range from Yo-Yo Ma to Rosanne Cash. Apparently bored with simply performing music, [...]

Should the District Sell Lincoln Theatre?

Last year, Blues Alley owner Harry Schnipper wanted to buy the Lincoln Theatre.
One problem: The troubled city-owned historic facility wasn't for sale.
Of course, that's not what Schnipper says he heard in November, when he mailed in a bid. Schnipper says the city's Department of General Services was soliciting proposals from potential buyers at that time. [...]