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ToDo ToDay: D.C., Bluegrass Capital?

So, bluegrass fans, yes or no: Is D.C. really a bluegrass capital? The D.C. Music Salon says yes—it has been since the 1950s, mostly thanks to a few key groups like The Stoneman Family, The Bluegrass Champs, The Country Gentlemen, and The Seldom Scene. George Washington University faculty member Kip Lornell (who also cowrote The [...]

WAMU’s DJ Jerry Gray, 1933-2012

Gerald Poulsen, who under the pseudonym Jerry Gray DJed bluegrass and Western music on WAMU-FM for nearly three decades, passed away last Thursday at 78.  He died of complications from a 1989 heart transplant, according to his son, Mark Poulsen.
Until 2001, Poulsen spun well-known and rare selections on two programs on WAMU: He co-hosted the [...]

This Week in Music: X.O., Numero Group, Roland White

In this week's One Track Mind, Andrew Noz takes a look at X.O.'s "I Got Doe" off of his forthcoming album Capitalism. The song integrates the city's go-go roots with raw, synth-heavy beats while X.O. spits about hood credibility and government corruption. The song invokes hip-hop's classic materialism, but X.O. pulls a bait and switch, [...]

Bluegrass Returns–To The VA Burbs

NotionsCapital is reporting that bluegrass radio has returned in the non-HD format. WAMU killed bluegrass a while back and then offered it on one of its HD-channels. It's been found on the radio in Great Falls...
*photo courtesy of the Bluegrass Blog.