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D.C.’s South by Southwest Delegation

Every March, dozens of D.C. artists join thousands of musicians from around the world at Austin, Texas’ massive South by Southwest Festival—a place where hopes are live-tweeted and dreams are expensively publicized. Is this the year the D.C. delegation makes its mark? There will be plenty of individual artists and bands making the Austin trek, but [...]

Arts Roundup: Steely Dan Edition

White Chick to the Rescue: Having witnessed a mugging, Glittarazzi CEO Kelly Ann Collins tries her costume-bejeweled hand at righteous indignation.
Ring the Alarm: The local paper of record has lost its digital director, Raju Narisetti. Who shall capture the tin crown?
Tongue on Floor: WaPo's David Malitz really, really, really liked Monday's Thurston Moore show at Black Cat.
Dirty Work: [...]

Hays Holladay Just Might Record Your Song for Free

Given Bluebrain's proclivity for free one-off events, no one would ever accuse the experimental-pop duo of not giving back. But members Hays and Ryan Holladay also have day jobs, the kind that pay—which is, you know, kind of important when you give away much of your art gratis.
This month, however, Hays will be handing out some [...]

Here They Go Again: The 26th Annual Wammy Award Nominees

On Tuesday the Washington Area Music Association announced the nominees for the 26th annual Wammies, which take place Feb. 19 at the State Theatre. It’s no secret that I and others have long been critical of the local awards ceremony's mistakes, omissions, and policies. I'd hoped this year would be very different but, alas, I [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Boombox Walk

By now, fans have no business being bored by Ryan and Hays Holladay, who as Bluebrain have produced one script-flipping one-off after another in the two and a half years they’ve been making music in the District. But that doesn’t mean the experimental pop duo can’t get sick of their own shtick—or, let’s be honest, [...]

Beauty Pill’s Art-Project Resurrection

Photo Slideshow: Beauty Pill's "Immersive Ideal"

It was nearly 1 p.m. on the eighth day of Beauty Pill’s public experiment in creativity and captivity when Morgan Klein, a photographer and friend of the band, looked up from his laptop and announced the sad news: Amy Winehouse was dead.
“That’s terrible,” the group’s leader, Chad Clark, said genuinely. She [...]

Arts Roundup: The List Edition

IT'S HERE: The List is live. And Bluebrain made it. Get thee to TweetDeck.
More Roundups in a Roundup: After a few years of writing arts roundups like this one, I regard them with, well, contempt. But these roundups by DCist's Valerie Paschall and TBD's Andrew Beaujon? Magnifique.
Superstar: It's just barely within the realm of reality that [...]

Read Our Annotated Guide to 2011!

There's no arts section to recap this week. For our Dec. 23 issue—on stands today!—the Washington City Paper staff took a look back on the year that was. No surprise, then, that a good chunk of our Annotated Guide to 2011 is devoted to the arts. Pick up a copy! Or read it online. Either [...]

Arts Roundup: Carl Bernstein’s Crush on Donovan

Carlsonics: At age 23, Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein was a mere five years away from cracking Watergate wide open, but about a zillion years away from a career in music criticism. Check out this review of a Donovan concert he wrote in 1967 (his second year at the newspaper): "The incredible musical gifts of Donovan"! [...]

Bluebrain Plans Its Final Boombox Walk

2011 was the year that Bluebrain, thanks to its much-buzzed album-app projects, became one of D.C.'s most notable musical exports, but you could say that everything started for the band with a more primitive technology: the boombox. In September 2009, the experimental pop group inaugurated its intriguing series of one-off musical experiments with "Cakeblood," a [...]