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ToDo ToDay: Photography, Taylor Gourmet, and Dancing at Lost Society

Sarah Alexander’s photography makes it clear that she likes pieces better than wholes. In her hands, a portion of an intricate, textured rotunda becomes Escheresque; several levels of an oval-shaped staircase collapse into an unexpectedly flat plane; and a segment of weathered architectural detailing coexists with a perfectly undisturbed field of red. Meanwhile, “Reflections” (shown) [...]

ToDo ToDay: Gringo Star and Lots of Caribbean Music

If you’re a fan of fuzzy garage-rock, 2012 was good to you. But recent records by Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, while great in their own right, made it easy to forget about Gringo Star’s cheery 2011 LP, Count Yer Lucky Stars. Don’t be fooled by the Atlanta quartet’s cheeky name: Gringo Star’s retro, [...]