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The Weird, Wild Legacy of D.C. Noise Musician Scott Phillips

Even in a scene that prizes pushing the creative envelope, D.C. musician Scott Phillips still found new ways to freak people out.
An adventurous performer who most recently made music under the name Gum Yummy, Phillips became enmeshed in the local noise community in the mid-1980s and quickly established a kind of infamy. After years of [...]

ToDo Today: Consider the Cherry Blossom

Washingtonians should sure feel grateful for Yukio Ozaki, the Tokyo mayor who gave us 3,000 cherry trees back in 1912. If he hadn’t, would the leaders of our city have come up with such a reliable scam to lure millions of people here every spring to spend money? Each year, city tourism officials watch the [...]

Blue Sausage Infant Nominated for Qwartz Award

D.C. experimental-music mainstay Blue Sausage Infant, aka Chester Hawkins, has been nominated for a Qwartz award in France for his album Negative Space, which was his first-ever vinyl release after years of distributing music in much less formal ways. I called it "a vital document of D.C.’s noise scene" when I reviewed it last summer, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Ferryesque

Bryan Ferry’s music is the epitome of Euro soul: smooth and sexy, yes, but—unlike American R&B—steeped in Teutonic cool. The Roxy Music singer and solo star doesn’t make rip-off-your-clothes-and-get-freaky-in-your-bedroom jams; it’s all slow-motion espionage, illicit rendezvous in centuries-old hotels, and stolen kisses in the night. The 66-year-old sartorialist will forever look the part of a [...]

Sonic Circuits Has a Posse, and They’re All on This Comp

With the hardcore kids all grown up and go-go frequently looking back, it might seem that nothing new is sounding in Washington. But right now, there seem to be more D.C. bands and artists playing challenging, thought-provoking music than ever before. And some of the best, most frequently rewarding ones are collected here [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Dancing at Fringe, Another Earth, Blue Sausage Infant

Rebecca J. Ritzel leads this week's arts section with a look into why local dance troupes seem to be giving up on the Capital Fringe Festival. Tricia Olszewski reviews two films about life on this planet (and the one next door): Another Earth and How to Live Forever. Benjamin R. Freed reviews Studio 2ndStage's Pop!—about [...]