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ToDo ToDay: The Hotelier, Nine Inch Nails, and Orrin Star

Home, Like Noplace Is There, the second album from the Hotelier, drips with desperation. Over nine tracks, the Worcester, Mass., band formerly known as the Hotel Year touches on suicide, drug abuse, and depression; vocalist Christian Holden sounds like he’s close to sobbing more than once. Lyrically, Holden keeps his subjects vague; he could be [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bun B, Odonis Odonis, and Passover at BLT Steak

For rap star Bun B, “trill” (that is, to be true and real) is a way of life. As UGK, he and fellow Port Arthur, Texas, native Pimp C have treated it as a tao since the release of their 1992 debut, Too Hard to Swallow. Now one of hip-hop’s wise elder statesmen (he’s teaching a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Loveland, Tender Napalm, and Tomatito Sextet

Need a way to bring many strange and different characters together quickly? Stick them on an airplane and see what happens. At least this is the tactic writer and performer Ann Randolph employs in her latest work, Loveland. The action centers around Frannie Potts, an eccentric woman on her way from Los Angeles to Ohio for [...]

ToDo ToDay: Destroyer, Kate Nash, and Yo Gotti

A year after the release of Kaputt, Destroyer's Dan Bejar was feeling, well, kaput. “Once you break with rock music, the kind of music I listened to for so long, it’s hard to find your feet again,” Bejar told Washington City Paper in 2012. Wherever the Vancouver songwriter lands, at least he’s finding rewards in the ether. Five Spanish [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fawna Xiao and Tax Day Food Deals!

For most printmakers, each work they create is almost entirely executed before the ink hits the page. Fawna Xiao is not most printmakers. She approaches her prints like a painter approaches a painting: by adding one layer on top of another until she’s created her ideal effect. In her latest solo show, “Lost Land,” she [...]