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ToDo ToDay: “HomoCats,” Hunters, and Hitchcock

By now, it’s pretty obvious that cats run the Internet and are the secret to unlocking viral success. Now Logan Circle art gallery Transformer is harnessing the undeniable power of kitties for a progressive gallery show. In “HomoCats: Fight the Power,” New York artist J. Morrison explores cat culture on the Internet and relates it [...]

ToDo ToDay: Caveman! Botanical Soda!

Its name may conjure thoughts of loincloths and primordial cave paintings, but Brooklyn-bred band Caveman creates complex songs that sound anything but primitive. The five-piece group is concerned with creating melodies that expand and morph to fill the space it occupies. An extension of its woozy first release, CoCo Beware, Caveman’s self-titled sophomore album begins with [...]

ToDo ToDay: Studio Tobias Klein! Free Snakebite Shots!

The experimental architecture practice Studio Tobias Klein is a fitting match for Industry Gallery, one of D.C.'s most innovative and least-known art spaces. The gallery is devoted to 21st-century design: No Eames chairs or midcentury modern here, so head back to 14th Street NW if that’s what you want, son. Industry’s Craig Appelbaum reads design [...]