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Jazz Setlist, March 24-30: No Straightahead Here

Thursday, March 24
You could be forgiven if his nearly 20-year association with Jay Leno made you think Kevin Eubanks was a mediocre hack, too—forgiven, but you wouldn't be correct. Before he Jaywalked, guitarist Eubanks (the second of three musical brothers from Philadelphia) was a member of the M-Base Collective, the Brooklyn-based pool of musicians who [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 29-Aug. 4: Cyrus Chestnut, The Young Lions, and More

Thursday, July 29
We've discussed before the deep vein of gospel that runs through Baltimore jazz. Well, meet the furthest exponent of that style: Cyrus Chestnut. A highly esteemed, technically dazzling mainstream pianist, Chestnut's inspirational roots couldn't be suppressed with a steam shovel; the church seems to glow through the tips of his fingers, and you [...]