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Philip Kennicott Is The Washington Post’s New Art Critic

The Washington Post finally has a new visual art critic. Philip Kennicott, currently the paper's culture critic, will fill the post vacated by Blake Gopnik in December. Kennicott will continue to write on architecture, one of the many topics he covered as culture critic; he's been regularly reviewing museum exhibits since Gopnik's departure.
Kennicott confirmed the [...]

Jessica Dawson to Leave Washington Post for Hirshhorn Bubble

In another big departure from The Washington Post arts section, longtime galleries critic Jessica Dawson is leaving the paper—and the news business—for the Hirshhorn Museum. There she will join the staff for that museum's new temporary event space, known as the Bubble.
Just last November, Dawson, a non-staff columnist, penned a piece celebrating her 10-year anniversary as [...]

Now Dave Nuttycombe Wants Blake Gopnik’s Job

Dave Nuttycombe is at it again. On the heels of creating an application video to replace WaPo fashion critic Robin Givhan, the former City Paper staffer has done the same for the vacancy created by art critic Blake Gopnik. Wearing a Tweed Ride-worthy ensemble, he notes his qualifications ("I was an art major at a [...]

Arts Roundup: DMV Soul-Searching Edition

Good morning, D.C.!
For a few moments yesterday, the Twitters lit up some with debate over the growth, priorities, and coverage of the city's hip-hop scene. The impetus? 1) Andrew Noz's City Paper Music in Review piece on D.C.'s wealth of very good rappers and paucity of great ones; 2) rapper Head-Roc's rebuttal on Arts Desk; [...]

Arts Roundup: Berklee College Is Inflating My Expectations, Again Edition

If it's going to be this cold for a sustained period, I wish it would snow.
In case you missed us, Fishbowl (Hi Betsy!), Michael Calderone, or Politico yesterday, WaPo now has two big holes to fill in the Style section with the departures of fashion critic Robin Givhan and art critic Blake Gopnik, who, as [...]

Whoa! Robin Givhan and Blake Gopnik Leaving WaPo

The Twitters are already abuzz with the news and, of course, Michael Calderone has the memo: Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan and art critic Blake Gopnik are leaving the paper. The memo to staff from the Style section's editors gives almost no details on why Givhan is departing, but says that Gopnik is "now [...]

Arts Roundup: Fires in Bellies Edition

Good morning! About 100 people protested last night outside the National Portrait Gallery, where (as reported on Arts Desk), artist Adrian Parsons projected a four-minute David Wojnarowicz's 1987 video artwork A Fire in My Belly—which the Smithsonian removed earlier this week. WaPo's Jessica Dawson and TBD's Maura Judkis were both there and brought photographers. So was City Paper's Kriston [...]

Arts Roundup: Hicks Nix Crucifix Flix Edition

Aside from the headline, there aren't really any good jokes to be made about the imbroglio unfolding at the National Portrait Gallery, and after reading Blake Gopnik's takedown of the NPG after it caved to pressure to remove a four-minute version of the short film A Fire in My Belly by David Wojnarowicz that is just one piece of [...]

Fare Assessment: Gopnik Visits Baldessari at the Met, NYC Galleries

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. But sometimes it feels like The Washington Post's reviewers are spending a bit too much time consuming art in other cities, [...]

FotoWeek: Camera Obscura?

Over at TBD, Maura Judkis shares some thoughts on FotoWeek and its discontents. Judkis interviews FotoWeek contributors past and present to convey how the festival has gone off the rails—seemingly, according to plan.
Her story examines all angles of the problem of FotoWeek—or, if you prefer, the problem that FotoWeek solves. Just by naming the past [...]