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In Theaters This Week: Paranormal Activity, Good Hair, A Serious Man, More

Paranormal Activity: The tagline for this Blair Witch-esque film about an evil presence in a young couple's home is "Don't see it alone," and that's no joke –unless you don't mind burying your head in the arm of a stranger. I haven't seen such terrifying images since The Polar Express.
A Serious Man: Thumbs are largely [...]

Reviewed: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity
Directed by Oren Peli
Holy shit.
Disregard the gimmicky marketing of Paranormal Activity. Yes, it is a bit inspired, with Paramount releasing the film in only a handful of cities, shooting a trailer that captures an audience's reaction, and directing the unfortunate moviegoers who'd been left out to a Web site wherein they could “demand” it [...]