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ToDo ToDay: Baskerville, Gigi, and a Net Neutrality Benefit

Fill your weekend with Internet activism and new theatrical takes on old stories.

ToDo ToDay: Mates of State, Black Sparks, and Stupid Fucking Bird

Though U Street Music Hall regularly plays host to buzzy DJs and local purveyors of electronic music, its bookers also make room for smaller indie-rock acts. Tonight, that act is Mates of State, the twee wife-and-husband duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hummel. Mates of State’s last album, Mountaintops, appeared in 2011, but I saw the [...]

ToDo ToDay: “The Invisible Wall,” Matt Koff, and Wild Beasts

In the Vivid Solutions Gallery exhibit “The Invisible Wall: Photographs From East of the River,” Susana Raab investigates what she sees as “the invisible wall we put up between us, often delineated by race and class.” Raab, who’s of Peruvian and European descent, documents people and scenes from Anacostia, where she works at the Smithsonian’s [...]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: The Best Music of 2012

"They say you got your whole life to make your first album," raps Oddisee at the top of "Ready to Rock," the triumphant, densely collaged opener of People Hear What They See, D.C. music critics' pick for the year's best local album. But for the Sudanese-American producer/MC, it didn't take a lifetime to finally pull [...]

Sometimes, a Tween Punk-Rock Band Is Just a Tween Punk-Rock Band

... or is it a sign of the apocalypse? That's what some of our commenters think! Below Ryan Little's post from earlier this week, "The Best New Punk Band in D.C. Hasn’t Hit Puberty," Gene writes:
Here’s how it’ll play out….
- Right now, they’re cute – a curiosity (a novelty act, despite the author’s assertions to the [...]

The Best New Punk Band in D.C. Hasn’t Hit Puberty

I know what you're thinking: This is just some novelty act where overzealous parents convince their kids to pretend to be punk rockers. You're wrong.

Last night at Fort Reno, I saw more people dancing at a local punk rock show than I've seen in ages. Why? Because the 10- and 12-year-old kids in The Black [...]