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Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Tobacco on Kickstarter’s Shortcomings and Why He Dislikes Touring

Pittsburgh’s Black Moth Super Rainbow has a way with names. The group’s song and album titles pretty much sum up the music’s gooey mess of electronic psychedelia. There are the LPs, with names like Falling Through a Field and Dandelion Gum and EPs called Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods and Drippers. BMSR’s latest full-length [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cinematography! Black Moth Super Rainbow!

According to early Italian film theorist Ricciotto Canudo, cinematography is the “seventh art,” behind other forms like sculpture, music, and dance. But while it’s younger than the stuff of the Greeks, movie photography has made dramatic and numerous strides in a relatively short period of time. “Focus!,” this weekend’s film event presented by the French [...]

Clip Job: Five Records Made in Cabins (Other than Bon Iver)

Thanks in part to Don DeLillo's 1973 novel Great Jones Street, it didn't take long for the rock-star-toiling-away-in-seclusion narrative to go from the stuff of critical legend to obvious fodder for parody. Nevermind that two years later saw the release and instant canonization of Bob Dylan and the Band's long-buried The Basement Tapes—the inspiration, in fact, for [...]

Hot Freaks: Black Moth Super Rainbow @ Rock & Roll Hotel

I spent much of the last two years writing movie reviews, and I had just one ethical guideline for my morning press screenings: Don't take the food. So how should I have reacted when Tobacco, the frontman the costumed, dancing hype man of the acid-caked post-rockers Black Moth Super Rainbow shoved a stick of warm [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


The Footprint in Hip Hop Tour: Method Man & Red Man, Ghostface Killah, Duo Live. 9:30 club. $35. All ages.
Sophia Bass, Ruthi & the Tracers. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.
Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers, Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials. Birchmere. $25.
Head Automatica, Cubic Zirconia. Black Cat. $15. All ages.
Carol Bui Butterflies, Impossible Hair, [...]