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ToDo ToDay: “Time Covers the 1960s,” Black Lips, and the Airborne Toxic Event

Remember the days when Time covers were considered high art.

We Were on a Boat

...and now we have a cover story to show for it. Darrow Montgomery and I recently spent three days at sea with nine bands, 380 fans, and one puppet show. What'd we learn on the Bruise Cruise? For starters, that nothing—not even garage rock and a coterie of like-minded scenesters—can keep the seductive monotony of [...]

Bruise Cruise: We’re Off the Boat

We're finally back in Miami. But in our last few hours on the Carnival Imagination, the Bruise Cruise shook itself out of its early-Sunday malaise.
That much, anyway, was clear when late in the afternoon Black Lips bassist Jared Swilley hurled his instrument into the ocean, after the group shot some footage for a music video [...]

Bruise Cruise: The Kid Rock Equation

This is the comedown day. Last night’s Señor Frog’s showcase and subsequent dance contest meant a late start for many Bruisers, but by late morning they’ve roused. And while the show—in which fratboys shared a dance floor with punk rockers, and punk bands shared a sound system with a DJ spinning the Black Eyed Peas—put [...]

I’m On a Boat

They will have heard the caveman clangs and reverb, booming through anodyne walls. They will have smelled the sweat and stale beer, lurking under doors and through hallways. They will have triple-taked at the Vivian Girls' cheeseburger and cassette-tape tattoos. And they will have wondered: What the fuck are these punks doing on my vacation?[]
When [...]

Ian Svenonius: Naval God

It's official: Cruise ships are now akin to public utilities. The industry is no longer worth viewing with irony or suspicion. The boats go out and they come back. There might be rock 'n' roll on some of the boats, there might not be. On at least one of the boats, Ian Svenonius will be [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Salt-N-Pepa and Anvil Edition


Salt-N-Pepa. DAR Constitution Hall. $41.50-$70.

Bellmer Dolls, Monozid, Bootblacks, We Fought The Big One (DJs). The Red & The Black. $8. 21+.

Tom McBride and the Whig Party. IOTA Club & Cafe. $10.

Perpetual Groove, Future, Poor Man's Lobster. 9:30 Club. $14.

Junior League Band, The David Wax Museum, Lightfoot. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10 in advance, $12 at [...]

Leak Proof: The Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr, Four Tet/Burial

The Black Lips (feat. Gza): "The Drop I Hold"
Basically just the same borderline-hilarious 36 Chambers homage that appeared on the Black Lips most recent record, 200 Million Thousand, except there's a verse from Wu-Tang's Gza smooshed onto the end. "A simple word from Black Lips that sink ships before I fire off one that give [...]

Interview: Black Lips

From Atlanta to India, the Black Lips cross the globe in search of good times, leaving good shows – and new fans – in their wake. Now on tour supporting their latest release, 200 Million Thousand, bassist Jared Swilley talked to Black Plastic Bag about being chased out of India, getting covered by Wu-Tang's GZA, [...]

Tuesday Rock City: Black Lips, Pan-American

Black Lips : 200 Million Thousand (Vice)
The dumber Black Lips act, the better off they are. The closer the Atlanta-based garage rock quartet teeters towards total brain death, the more interesting their music becomes.
And by that virtue, Black Lips are in good shape these days. If the band was only huffing paint on ’07s Good [...]