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Does D.C. Really Need Two More Punk Retrospectives?

Backwards-looking sentimentality is anti-punk as anything.

Black Flag’s Henry Rollins on Coming Up in the D.C. Punk Scene and the Future of Rock

“The legacy of Black Flag is that the band didn’t finish well because of the activities of the last 25 months.”

Saturday: Dinosaur Jr. and Henry Rollins Dissect Bug at 9:30 Club

Bug is the last record you'd expect Dinosaur Jr. to dissect on stage. The seminal indie rock band's original lineup broke up during the 1988 album's supporting tour—a split that lasted until 2005 when the band reformed on good-enough terms. The resurrected partnership has toured and produced two strong albums, and now the group is exhuming Bug, [...]

Indie Goes Punk (Again)

As you're well aware by now, the nostalgia-fueled dance-pop orgy that brought MGMT to such great heights is waning. The bands that sold their guitars to buy turntables are now selling their turntables to buy guitars. With the renewed appreciation of badass rock 'n' roll, naturally comes a rediscovery of Michael Azerrad's punk-rock bible, Our [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Deciding You Don’t Give a Shit

You can only take so much. After working 60-hour weeks for the past four years, sacrificing most of your Saturdays to the office, all without any recognition or reward, a new hire gets the promotion you've been gunning for ever since you arrived. That's it. It's over. Perhaps a cooler-minded individual would simply write a [...]

The Arts Desk Interview: Giant J of FunkyJahPunkys

In which the author converses with Justin Gully, frontman of Las Vegas' FunkyJahPunkys.

Washington City Paper: You seem to be called Giant J.
Giant J: I try not to answer to that name. It's grown bigger than me. I'm 5’4”, 115 lbs. I appear large when we start doing our thing. [Author's note: "our thing" refers to [...]

Your Local Faves, Playing Other People’s Songs

Because I wrote about Title Tracks' versions of songs by The Flamin' Groovies and The Merseybeats earlier this week, and because Bob Dylan's truly atrocious new disc of Christmas standards leaked yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about covers.
Let's put aside the illustrious history of ill-advised tributes (read: the entire Me First and the Gimme Gimmes oeuvre). A good cover can [...]

Misfits @ Jaxx October 25

Punk leftovers-cum-merchandising powerhouse the Misfits have announced a fall tour, stopping at Jaxx Sunday, Oct. 25. It's not quite Halloween, but close enough.
The Jersey-bred musclemen/metal punks emerged in 1977, developed a crude catalog of '50s B-movie themes banged out and recorded with even less tact,  and, technically, disbanded by 1983 (when head howler Glenn Danzig [...]