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DMV Beats: ‘Folkz, Muggsy Malone, and The Board Administration’s LivingSocial Deal

Every week, Arts Desk's hip-hop writers drop news, music, culture—and generally put you on game.

Trapper, Keeper

"Y'all fuck ass hoes think 'cause I got the best hair, that I ain't the best lyricist," rapper 'Folkz asserts on his new single, "Renee Zellweger." "What, 'cause I sell dope, I ain't got bars, baby?" He's got a point: [...]

DMV Beats: Glizzy, Wale, Trel Go In

Every week, Arts Desk's hip-hop writers drop news, music, culture—and generally put you on game.
Shots Fired
Shy Glizzy could hold a seminar on flipping threats into a punchlines. Lesson No. 1: Next time you're in a blinding rage thanks to some asshole, take a second and take a breath. Don't just threaten to shoot [...]

Listen: Black Cobain and Shy Glizzy’s “Faded”

The Board Administration's resident Scottie Pippen is tight with D.C. fire-starter Shy Glizzy. Ever the Big Brother volunteer, Black Cobain mentored Glizzy by way of rapping on his popular, generally solid mixtape. Now the Board has released "Faded," another collaboration between the two.
"Faded" is an iron-strike song designed to fan the flames of area buzz. It's kinda stale but perfectly [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Big Meal, The Avengers, Black Cobain

Chris Klimek leads this week's arts section with reviews of Studio 2ndStage's The Big Meal, a stripped-down and inventive distillation of several lifetimes, all in a Midwestern restaurant; and Washington Stage Guild's Wives and Wits, a George Bernard Shaw twofer. He also reviews Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark, Faction of Fools' witty if overlong translation of [...]

Arts Roundup: Somali Pirates Edition

Sockets Records' Sean Peoples: Local indie rock might finally be honing a new "D.C. Sound." [20k Under DC]
A local filmmaker's feature about Somali pirates (this one!) will show at the Maryland Film Festival [Style Blog]
Moron-shaming the people who thought Chuck Brown was dead [DCist]
When you finish reading our review of the new Black Cobain mixtape, [...]

Download: Black Cobain’s Cheers

For now, Black Cobain has an odd place in DMV hip-hop. As a member of Wale's boutique Board Administration label, the Alexandria rapper certainly has some chops, yet his low-key persona seems to have kept him somewhat under the radar. Over the past year, Cobain has seen his former labelmate Fat Trel garner mass acclaim and ascend [...]

Arts Roundup: 24 Hour Party People Edition

Garry Winogrand and Roy Lichtenstein retrospectives coming to National Gallery of Art in 2014. [Style Blog]
Georgetown University Professor and Pulitzer Prize jurist Maureen Corrigan is ticked off the annual prize declined to honor a work of fiction this year. [Post]
Lumen8Anacostia, this time in video form [Pink Line]
On D.C., the 24-hour city that wasn't. [Young & [...]

Arts Roundup: Instant Lunch Edition

How to Build a Better Umbrella: Tuesday, it rained. Yesterday, it rained some more. Today, the downpour continues. All this rain got the Phillips Collection' Experiment Station bloggers thinking about a meeting they once had with the Italian artist and designer Vito Acconci, who created something called the Umbruffla, a silken, expansive cocoon that envelops its carrier. [...]

Download Phil Adé’s New Tape, Then Go to His Show Tonight

There's a magnetic flair to Phil Adé and his music, which combines youthfully aggressive lyrics with an airy array of trunk-rattling loops. Adé captivates on the mic, whether he's rhyming about the pitfalls of fame or living life in the fast lane. Fine, so he isn't famous. Either way, when Adé speaks, you listen.
And the Grenadian-Nigerian [...]

Reviewed: April Foolz by Fat Trel

"I ain't 'bout that rappin' shit, but I'll run you down," says Fat Trel on "Hyenas," a highlight from his recently released April Foolz mixtape. The brash Northeast native's delivery is blunt—it's a candid conveyance that lacks the punchlines and metaphors favored by some of his peers—and his thematic interests are simple and direct: Trel raps about [...]