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Photos: Priests / Shopping at the Black Cat

Priests, Shopping, Puff Pieces at the Black Cat, Nov. 17th.  More Photos.

How D.C. Native Jermaine Fowler Went From a Shy Nerd to a Comedian With His Own Showtime Special

Fowler performs at the Black Cat tonight.

Black Cat Will Screen All Three Back to the Future Movies Tonight

In honor of "Back to the Future" Day.

Photos: Hemlines and Homosuperior at the Black Cat

Photos: Archers of Loaf @ Black Cat

Archers of Loaf brings the noise to Black Cat as part of a very short tour.

Photos of Spoonboy’s Last-Ever Show, at the Black Cat

Did it feel like prom? Maybe, but with a little more "fuck the gender binary."

David Combs Bids a Final Adieu To Spoonboy

On the day of his last show as Spoonboy, Combs chats about the early days of folk punk and the influence of D.C.’s DIY scene on his music.

Divas, Goths, Goofs, and Glam: Four Breeds of D.C. Drag

“I don’t feel like Sebastian until I hear [my] fanny pack click.”

Photos: Downtown Boys at the Black Cat

Downtown Boys at the Black Cat, May 18th.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photos of Mac McCaughan at the Black Cat Backstage

Ian MacKaye, Alec MacKaye, and Brendan Canty watched one of their fans play his new songs and some Superchunk hits.