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Black Cat Celebrates Its 20th Birthday With a Bunch of Bands You Know

Pull out your party hats: The Black Cat turns 20 this year.
In September 1993, the Black Cat opened on a different part of a very different 14th Street NW. Over the years, it's weathered hurdle after hurdle: urban blight, an influx of competing venues, false rumors of Black Cat Bill's death, rampant condofication, small plates—and has [...]

Black Cat Bill: An Uptick of Support, a Downturn in Health

Willy Turner, everyone was relieved to learn last week, is still alive. After the news spread, some folks even started gathering music and boomboxes to give to the man known around 14th Street NW as Black Cat Bill.
Amid all the excitement, however, comes some bad news. Last Friday, Turner was moved from Deanwood Rehabilitation and Wellness [...]

If You Were Thinking About Giving Black Cat Bill a James Brown Tape…

Since posting an item yesterday on the very-much-still-alive Willy Turner—aka Black Cat Bill—I've received a lot of questions about what to do with tapes and boomboxes. (Turner, who's living in a nursing home in Deanwood, told me he'd be grateful for a boombox and some tunes.) Local writer and activist Andy Bowen says he's organizing [...]

Arts Roundup: Jay Sherman Edition

Everyone's Talking 'bout Fugazi: After you read Ryan Little's thinky Washington City Paper feature on the post-hardcore band's new live archive, check out Marc Masters' for the Washington Post. Masters quotes critic John Gross saying, "At times they reminded me more of song-based jazz than rock...When they got a good head of steam going, you [...]

Arts Roundup: Alive Edition

Breaking: One post down, Ryan Little debunks reports of Black Cat Bill's death. Read, please, and be careful with your tweets in the future.
No, Don't Sing. Just Destroy the Sweater: On WaPo's Arts Post blog, Maura Judkis looks at that recent ironic holiday trend, the Ugly Sweater Party. Whose to blame for this fauxhemian meme? [...]

Black Cat Bill Lives!

"The Black Cat Man is still hanging in there."
That's what William "Willy" Turner told me yesterday afternoon when I visited him at the Deanwood Rehabilitation and Wellness Center on Nannie Hellen Burroughs Avenue NE, and it was a nice thing to hear several days after a handful of local blogs declared him dead.
For more than a [...]