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Arts Roundup: Bjork Duet Edition

The deal with the "Before I Die" chalkboard installation on 14th Street NW. [Post]
Moroccan photographer Lalla Essaydi discusses her images of women in the Muslim world, now on view at the National Museum of African Art. [Style Blog]
Members of D.C. indie-rock acts Imperial China and Black Clouds interview each other. [Vinyl District]
How DJ Chris Nitti [...]

10 Versions of the Song in Doug Aitken’s “Song 1″

No dearth of hipness went into the soundtrack of "Song 1," Doug Aitken's sublime, monumental work of video art currently ringing the curved exterior of the Hirshhorn Museum. The looped, 35-minute "Song 1" could be a series of interlinked music videos—romantic, unquestionably; universal, but not quite comforting, in their lack of specificity; chilling in their anomie, [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Making Moves

Maybe you've been seeing this guy for a while now, and you're ready to go to the next level. Perhaps your beautiful, young wife has been away for work, and upon her return, it's time for an altogether different business. Hell, maybe it's your 60th anniversary and you're ready to get seriously freaky. Whatever the [...]

Leak Proof: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chrisette Michele, Bjork

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Zero (Animal Collective Remix)"
Animal Collective takes a whack at Yeah Yeah Yeah’s latest single and, surprise, it’s out with the synthesizer and in with the rainstick. Strangely enough, it works: The remix strays so far from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s original vision that it takes on a new, Discovery Store-approved, life of its [...]