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Dare to Dream Pop: Why Gems Ditched the Rock Rulebook and Pursued Internet Fame Instead

In early 2012, electronic-pop duo Gems took a handful of home-recorded songs and posted them to the online music repository Soundcloud. Months passed. Over time, Gems (stylized as GEMS) periodically posted a new single here, another there, accompanied by a new promo photo—often a shadowy image of singer Lindsay Pitts, pouting in black and white.
Last week, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Gems! Chilling on a Rooftop!

Over the course of several releases, local duo Birdlips came so close to mastering a kind of bright and folky island-bound Buckingham/Nicks sound. Core band members Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher darted down to Florida to record 2011’s One Tongue, appearing to finally settle on a vaguely French, darkened-around-the-edges coastal getaway vibe. Since One Tongue, Birdlips has morphed [...]

Listen: Gems’ New Single, “Sinking Stone”

Migratory D.C. dream-pop band Gems has been dropping one crushing single after another. I almost can't bear another one—these songs are so sad!—but Kimberly-Clark stockholders will be pleased to hear that Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher released another song, "Sinking Stone," yesterday morning.
Once again, we get cover art that's a barer take on 23 Envelope's [...]

One Track Mind: Gems, “Pegasus”

Standout Track: “Pegasus,” an ethereal, reverb-drenched dream-pop single about the romance of misery and the misery of romance. There’s a hint of ’80s goth in the song’s shimmering guitar tones and brooding keyboards, but the vocal melodies owe more to Annie Lennox than Robert Smith. “Living in the shadow of love, I’ve given all that [...]

Watch: Gems’ Music Video for “Pegasus”

Last week, D.C. dream-pop outfit Gems—formerly Birdlips—released one of its prettiest songs to date, the morose "Pegasus." Now we've got a visual to cry to, too: The duo released an official music video for the song today.
In it, members Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher lip sync under a fluttering curtain, gazing somberly off camera as [...]

ToDo ToDay: 4/20 Parties, All Your Favorite D.C. Indie Rockers, Zarjaz

Anyone who considers electronic dance music an inaccessible, overintellectual art form doesn’t listen to Beats in Space, the weekly radio show hosted for the last 13 years by DJ Tim Sweeney. His Tuesday-night program on WNYU 89.1 FM is probably one of the best electronic-music shows in North America. But it’s a friendly one, too, [...]

Jonathan L. Fischer’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

Weird year, 2011. D.C.'s most visible band released an app, not an album. Its great rap hope released an album that was disappointing in critics' eyes, but which cemented him as a mainstream presence. Dischord returned to relevance with a handful of new albums and handsome archival releases; new labels formed; and Sockets remained the [...]

It’s Local Music Day, Extra-Cheer Edition

No one's immune to Christmas songs. Not you, not the writers of Washington City Paper, and not the dudes behind Listen Local First. The local scene boosters have put together a compilation of holiday songs by D.C. groups, and today—the third edition of Local Music Day—it'll be in rotation in a handful of local businesses.
The [...]

The Parking Deck, Er, Rooftop Sessions: Birdlips

Indie-folk duo Birdlips were based in Charlottesville, Va., for a time, but they've mostly been nomadic for the last couple of years, touring the country and occasionally settling in a place to write and record. Those efforts have yielded a series of gentle and spooky releases made in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Destin, Fla., and, of [...]