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Arts Roundup: Leno Is Moving, Vampire Weekend Is Brooding Edition

Good morning! Looks like Jay Leno's moving back to 11:35 p.m.—possibly in a half-hour show. What does that means for Conan O'Brien, Leno's Tonight Show replacement? Who knows? But O'Brien can't possibly be happy.
- Local rapper Don Juan is live—right now.
- The Smithsonian had 30 million visits in 2009, the Washington Post reports.
- City Paper contributor [...]

Please, Billy Corgan, Stop The Madness!

Billy Corgan is outta control these days. I don't know whether to cry or vomit, but after I got an eyeful of the egomaniac with Tila Tequila, bisexual reality TV star, I think I felt part of my soul die. That part being the angry post-Nirvana, pre-Fugazi discovery era of my adolescence. "Just good friends," [...]