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Wale Watch: Ambition, In Spite of Itself, Sells 164,000

Wale's sophomore album Ambition sold 164,000 copies in its first week, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard charts (behind Bieber!) and thereby making him twice as popular as the seemingly more popular Big Sean, though still a little less popular than the seemingly as popular J. Cole.
You may have noticed Wale on the cover [...]

Arts Roundup: Dog Days Edition

Sorry Bob: WaPo's presidential majordomo Bob Woodward still cranks out a new book every one-to-three years, but does anyone bother to read them?Writing in the July issue of Washingtonian, Hudson Institute fellow Tevi Troy guesses that no, they probably don't. Troy discusses a phenomenon dubbed the "Washington Read," in which a new title seeps into the conversational ether [...]

Arts Roundup: The End of a Redheaded Era

Good morning, readers!
*Tonight marks everyone's favorite redhead's departure from The Tonight Show. With Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell lined up as guests and many more cameos expected (rumors are Steve Carell may make an appearance), it's sure to be an unforgettable show. Even though Conan O'Brien is walking away with a $45 million settlement (roughly [...]

We All Dream of Being Part of Something Bigger

And by buying Thriller off iTunes last week, I am! I so am!
It will be sadder next paycheck when I buy Off the Wall and hope my wife doesn't notice. But for now, success! Blanket, this one is for you.

New Dylan to Drop April 28; Weird Album Art Already Iconic

Dylan/Zimmy/Judas wasted no time after last October's release of the sprawling retrospective, Tell Tale Signs: on April 28, Columbia will release his new studio album, Together Through Life, Billboard reports.
If label hype is any indicator—which, in this case, it sort of probably is—the record's packed full of nostalgic, tumbleweed-y vignettes, Chi-town blues, and churning boogie. [...]