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Don’t Be Bored: Christian Parenti, Bill Cunningham New York

Christian Parenti’s Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence chronicles “the most colossal set of events in human history: the catastrophic convergence of poverty, violence, and climate change.” In other words: beach book! A contributing editor at The Nation, Parenti is talking specifically about the mid-latitude belt of [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Network, Spaceballs, Jonas Mekas, Bill Cunningham New York

Tonight: Network at the Artisphere
Sure, the mere mention of Sidney Lumet's opus on television conjures the urge to scream out that one is mad as hell and prepared not to take "it" anymore. Paddy Chayefsky's script was meant as the harshest satire, of course, but there were still only three networks back then. In today's [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Bill Cunningham New York, Il Gattopardo[/embed
Hang around Midtown Manhattan long enough, and you might land yourself in a New York Times slideshow. Bill Cunningham, the 82-year-old fashion photographer, is out there, prowling the concrete jungle on his Schwinn bicycle. Cunningham, who since 1978 has contributed a pair of weekly photo essays to the Times is profiled in the documentary Bill [...]

Washington Post‘s “Scene In” Series: News-Site Video that Isn’t Crappy

The Post's "Scene In" street-fashion video series is perpetually cheery, as if a handful of thoughtful fashionistas can make a rainbow in any neighborhood. We know better, of course: Spend 15 minutes on K Street at the end of a July workday, and style will appear to be a faint afterthought in the melted minds [...]