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ToDo ToDay: Big Words! Mark Leibovich!

In Big Words, three estranged friends reunite to hash out their issues from decades ago. One conversation doesn’t seem like enough fodder for an entire movie, but these carefully crafted characters have lived enough to fill out a feature film with their experiences. Twenty-some years before, the three of them were on the verge of making [...]

ToDo ToDay: Julia Holter! Cigarette! Fringe! (Oh, and Honey Boo Boo)

Now that anyone with a laptop and vocal chords can record a few sad wails and upload them to SoundCloud, the singer-songwriter scene is getting pretty crowded. Yet Julia Holter stands alone in her jagged songwriting style, which oscillates somewhere between plucky and provoked. Tonight, the L.A. native brings her avant-pop experimentation to Sixth & [...]