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Arts Roundup: Be My Jones Edition

GOOD MORNING: Good morning!
ABOUT LAST NIGHT: I saw the Folger's lean—indeed, lean!—take on Henry VIII, and I'd spare you my opinion since usually one doesn't want to weigh in after his critic has, but it turns out I agree with Trey Graham here: weak-sauce Shakespeare, but what an impressive, lavish, slyly innovative production.
Theeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I stopped [...]

Sockets Records: The Early Years

On Friday night, Sockets Records will celebrate its fifth anniversary on the mainstage at Black Cat with a five-band bill featuring Hume, Imperial China, Big Gold Belt, Buildings, and the Cornel West Theory. It will be quite the local-music blowout.
But getting to this point took a lot of work. No, really, it took a lot [...]

Sockets Summer Mix

So far, summer is having a little trouble getting started. So far all we've gotten is a lot of rain, no Screen On The Green, and no Fort Reno schedule. But please, let this free summer mixtape, compiled by local label Sockets, be a salve to your bruised expectations. There are exclusive cuts by Maximillion [...]

Wilco DVD Release @ Comet Ping Pong

Music fans and demolition aficionados alike are already well aware of filmmaker Brendan Canty (of Fugazi fame) and Christoph Green's Burn to Shine DVD series–which generally involves the duo traveling to a city, getting a bunch of bands to perform in a house, then videotaping that house as it's getting knocked down by city authorities.
However, [...]

Big Gold Belt, DJs Andrew Morgan & Beautiful Swimmers @ Vikram Yoga on Friday

When I first heard about this it was just a concert/dance party, but now the affair has been upgraded to Wonkette's inauguration party. Which changes very little, except that now a few more people will probably show up.
Otherwise it's just going to be business as usual. Local duo Big Gold Belt, who sound kind [...]