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ToDo ToDay: Pakistani Voices, Bill Callahan, Marky Ramone, and Big Boi

In The Migration Series, painter Jacob Lawrence captures the movement of African Americans from the rural south to cities in the north. Last April, the Phillips collaborated with the U.S. Department of State to host a series of workshops in Pakistan about The Migration Series and its message of social change, then encouraged students, educators, and emerging artists [...]

Arts Roundup: Austerity Measures Edition

Frank Rich to Washington: Drop Dead: In conversation with his editor Adam Moss, New York columnist Frank Rich contemplates Washington's problems in a discussion about the crisis over the federal debt ceiling on the magazine's Daily Intel blog. But then Rich, who grew up here, gets a dig in at his hometown's cultural offerings. "It does [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Pictureplane, Big Boi

Pictureplane, the 26-year-old producer Travis Egedy, makes big-room music for small spaces. Tonight, touring on his clubbiest album yet, Thee Physical, he’s playing the least clubby of venues—Subterranean A, a private residence located around the corner and down a staircase from a cluster of actual nightclubs. But there’s no irony [...]

Fixing “Pretty Girls”: Ways Wale Can Work Around Gucci Mane’s Incarceration

Check out this behind-the-scenes video from the set of Wale's "Pretty Girls" promo. For starters, it'll need a reshoot or two following yesterday's near-kerfuffle: Members of the go-go group Backyard Band—whose own standard "Pretty Girls" is sampled in Wale's single—were upset they weren't included and took their grievances to Twitter and Facebook (they've since deleted [...]

Leakproof: LCD Soundsystem, Julian Casablancas, Slava, Big Boi

LCD Soundsystem: "Bye Bye Bayou" (Alan Vega cover)
LCD Soundsystem has made many homages to Suicide (the musical act, not the Swedish pastime), frequently appropriating the New York  duo's spooky sense of pulse. So, it's nice to hear James Murphy cover a tune from Suicide singer Alan Vega's 1980 solo debut. Murphy flattens out the original's [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


The Dance Party, Ra Ra Rasputin, Tigercity, Casper Bangs. 9:30 club. $15. All ages.
Deja Blue, Clarence “Bluesman” Turner. Bangkok Blues. Call for price.
Handsome Furs, Dri, The Cinnamon Band. Black Cat. $12. All ages.
Lynne Fiddmont. Blues Alley. $25.
Atheist, The Faceless, Psyopus, The Agonist, Gnostic, Condemn the Infected, A Bloodbath in Boston. Jaxx. $20/$23.
Alex Brown Quartet [...]