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ToDo ToDay: David Wax Museum, Luray, and Spring Cocktails

With their plaid attire and quaint Mexican folk instruments, David Wax Museum’s members slightly resemble survivors of the Battle of the Alamo. But while using a donkey jawbone (that’s quijada in Spanish) for percussion seems antiquated and slightly morose, DWM’s music sounds pleasantly contemporary. On the group’s latest album, Knock Knock Get Up, lead vocalist David Wax opines [...]

ToDo ToDay: Los Master Plus! Margaritas! Chili Cookoff!

Guadalajara, Mexico cumbiatronica duo Los Master Plus enjoys performing catchy melodies as much as they like bobbing their heads to their own beats. For the cowboy hat- and ironic mustache-wearing Master Plus guys Comanche and Larry Mon, this means turning English pop songs into Spanish-language dancefloor-fillers. The group also plumbs Latino artists from the past, [...]